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Eurasian AWP CoP

Eurasian Advanced Work Packaging Community of Practice


The AWP Community for Business Advancement shares knowledge on the principles, practices and tools of AWP to improve the efficiency of capital projects

Eurasian AWP CoP

Uses its experience to adapt, popularize, implement and develop the best international practice of Advanced Work Packaging to improve the efficiency and safety of investment and construction projects in the Russian Federation and the Eurasian space

Year of establishment of a branch in Russia: 2021
Number of branches worldwide: 6

Community Goals


Exploring the international practice of Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) in the management of investment and construction projects


Adapting AWP practices to the Russian context, including the formulation of normative and technical documentation (codes of practice, standards, guidelines) and recommendations for modifications


Promoting and distributing AWP knowledge in Russia and the Eurasian space


Setting up training programs and certification requirements for AWP specialists

Knowledge Base

Accumulation and development of a knowledge base on AWP application in the management of investment and construction projects; experience compilation and dissemination


Development of a methodology, new tools & methods for AWP application in the management of investment and construction projects using Russian experience, knowledge and technology

Executive Committee

Anton Shabunin


Association Founder and President. Founder and former head of the IBCon group of companies (2005–2020). More than 1 trillion rubles - the total budget of the portfolio of projects under management.Key competencies in digital processing of industrial construction (oil and gas, petrochemicals, metallurgy, mining and processing plants, offshore terminal facilities, etc.). Member of the National Association of Consulting Engineers in Construction (NACEC).

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anton-shabunin-6aaab025/

Maxim Grishin


Association Founder and CEO, PhD, MBA, Member of the National Association of Consulting Engineers in Construction (NAICS). Scientific supervisor of the research project "Digital Construction Management Project (DCMP)" for FAU FCS, 2020. Participated in the development of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK), 6th edition. An author and expert of the course "Modern methods of investment and construction project management: best practices" for companies and state corporations. More than 30 years of practical experience in construction. Holder of certificates: "Project Management Professional (PMP)", issued by Project Management Institute PMI, "AWP Fundamental", issued by AWP University, "WFP Intermediate", issued by AWP University.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maxim.grishin.108

Prospects for AWP in Russia: The first step has been taken


June, 2021

PMSOFT-2021 XX Jubilee Conference

Responding to the many discussions, questions from project teams and top managers will be the PMSOFT 2021 Anniversary Conference
two days, Sochi

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For individuals and company representatives — professionals and experts in construction and engineering management

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